Donation Ratios

People ask if we care about donation ratios, and the answer is yes, & no. But if you are concerned about them, you are also the type of person we aren’t worried about :). 

Many of us came from a clan where who was or wasn’t in war (if more than a multiple of 5 wanted in) was decided by donations.  This led to a lot of misery & angst.  Ppl who wanted troops on boost wouldn’t ask so that they wouldn’t mess up ratios. Other ppl wanted to donate but no one was asking. Some ppl would donate troops  that weren’t requested just to get donations up and th7 and below were forced to donate low troops even though they weren’t wanted by everyone.

We wanted nothing to do with that when we started this clan. We want ppl to request, no one can donate if they don’t.  We don’t want ppl so concerned with ratios that they don’t ask.

On the other hand, ppl with lvl 5 and above troops who constantly ask for troops, and never give back, or who only asks for high value wiz, giants, ect and only give back archers, will start being a drain on the clan and your clan mates will get bothered.

If you are on boost, or if you are pushing, please do ask for troops.  This might end up being 2h of asking for wiz.  Just at another time when you are under shield, cook donation troops to give back to your clanmates.  

There are no hard and fast rules, but if you are constantly  about 3000+ requests with ratios  1:4 each season, you will stand out. If you your ratios are 1:1 or 1:2 , this is more in line. If you are asking for 5000 a season and giving back 4-5k, this is great!  If your requests only add up to about 400-600 per season, this is just about all for war and you should get more troops for defense in multi or for farming 🙂 If you are farming hard for elixer as a new th lvl we *dont* want you not asking for farm troops because you can’t donate back, needing that elixer for upgrades.

We are a very generous clan, and someone will almost always cook your farming requests. The biggest complaints we get are how quickly requests get filled & how difficult it can be to donate sometimes.  This can only be fixed by more ppl requesting. It is a big circle.  Many times you just have to say, “I have wiz cooked for donation, does anyone want them?” And requests will start flying.

If you are doing war practice and need high value troops such as golems, pekkas, witches, ect. Let us know what it is for & give enough time for us to make it.

If you have under lvl 5 troops, we don’t expect you to donate, but if someone doesn’t specify lvl, it is ok to donate & you can always ask first.

Always get max troops in your war cc.

Ask away, and give back when you can!