Clan Rules

Adult ! AB , tag #9OUUOVQU

We are a clan of adults, 21 and over, from countries all over the world. We are a fun, chatty, friendly, helpful warring clan. Here is what you need to know.

All members must be 21 or older. No exceptions. We’ve tried bending the rules before and it just doesn’t work.

We speak English only in chat so everyone can understand.

We are a war clan, we war back to back. We expect members to war, unless upgrading heroes or spell factories.

We are looking for: TH10s and TH11s with max or near max defenses and heroes and TH12s who are on a useful path for war.

Donate before you request troops and don’t ask for troops you can’t cook unless it’s for war. Nobody likes a leech.

Be war smart about upgrading, keep working on offense, especially heroes. Don’t upgrade TH until all war offense is maxed. Ask a CO about defensive upgrades if you are unsure.

We are a clan who learns and teaches. I still learn from new and existing members and I expect that out of our other members. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or provide a suggestion.

Be active on chat and have fun. It’s a game, after all. 🙂

We are working with other clans to provide 50×50 or other types of combined wars to keep the game challenging, interesting & able to meet more people.  We do a lot of FC in the clan. It’s good for war warm ups, too.


Everyone sits out their first war to see how we do things. Expect to cook a FC army to show us your stuff!

You CAN NOT WAR if Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Spell Factory or dark spell factory won’t be available for war.

Make sure your war opt in/out status is updated all the time. It’s how I know how many people will be in the next war.

We call bases using the in-game functionality on the war map. Unless the war is an extremely tough match-up, members can pick their own targets based on guidance in clan mail. Don’t attack anything but your target. Only dicks attack other people’s targets.

TH9s and TH10s need to do both attacks in the first 12 hours unless you are asked to hold to cover TH9s. NOTE: If your heroes won’t be awake so you can get your first attack in by 12 hours, you need to be prepared to gem them or opt out of war.

We expect our members to keep up with the current meta and to cook whatever armies are needed to get the job done for the good of the clan. Sometimes that means dropping lower than you would like. I do it, other COs do it and you may, too. If you’re not about the team, you might as well stop now.

If you aren’t willing to train those kinds of armies or will be concerned about how much loot you will get with respect to your army cost, stop here. Mama didn’t raise no cheapskate.

Always double check heroes are awake, cc is full and all spells are correct before you attack. We’ve all jumped the gun before and regretted it instantly.

Ask a CO to review your attack plan so we can give you pointers if you need them. We’ve done enough sucky attacks that we can tell when something is definitely NOT going to work.

Discord is mandatory.

We love to war and we work together well as a team. If you love to war and put the clan above yourself (think clan stars over loot), you’ll be right at home.
When you finish reading the rules, let a CO know and tell them the magic word…bazinga. If you don’t, you’ll be kicked because we want people who follow directions, not people who take shortcuts. 😉 If you’re reading this because you actually read our clan description, include bazinga in your join request and we can skip all the questioning. 🙂  also ask the password to our more detailed war rules on this site.